Meeting Notes: Brookland Supervisor Courtney Lynch, Wed. April 11

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On April 11, 2018 at 7 pm Westwood residents met for a special Westwood Civic Association board meeting at the Westwood Club with the new Brookland Supervisor for Henrico County, Courtney Lynch.  Ms. Lynch was elected November 7, 2017, in a special election prompted by the death of longtime Brookland Supervisor Dick Glover.  A former Marine Corps Captain, Ms. Lynch is a graduate of the William and Mary College of Law and North Carolina State University; she also attended Cambridge University.


Those in the photo include, L to R, Chris Minnigh, David Knight, Bill Terrell, Maria H. Terrell, Supervisor Courtney Lynch, Rick Sayed, Siyano Prach and Sam Gage.

Residents learned about Supervisor Lynch’s vision for the Brookland District and Henrico County, and how it interfaces and impacts not only the Westwood Neighborhood but also Henrico County.  All residents of Westwood were welcome.  Westwood Club members and staff were also invited to attend this special WCA board meeting.  The meeting took place in the ballroom of the Westwood Club.


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