Green Space Cleanup Was a Success

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Thanks to our volunteers and crew from the Henrico County Recreation and Parks Department, we had a good cleanup yesterday morning (Saturday, May 18), which has served to be the start of some significant cleanup efforts in the green space in the 5900 block of Morningside.

Volunteers, including Mark, Jensey, Dale, Arnaldo, Bill, Rick, Jay, Adeline (the youngest at 3!) and others braved vines, saplings, and over- and under-growth to clean up more than 100 square feet. Even though the Parks Department had sprayed the poison ivy, it still was potent and widespread, keeping us from doing more. A special thanks to Keith and Glen of the Parks Department for their hard work and supervision!

A very good thing that came out of the event is that the Parks Department staff will be returning within the next few weeks to bush-hog the areas alongside the roads and will continue to periodically spray the poison ivy, providing a safe area for people to walk alongside, park their cars, etc.

Many thanks to volunteers Jensey Ancarrow, Dale Davis, and Arnaldo Cardona who wish to continue working with the Parks Department on cleanup and improvement efforts.

Maria Holperin Terrell
Westwood Civic Association

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