About WCA

The Westwood Civic Association is a group of involved neighbors committed to promoting Westwood and the wonderful community that lives here.  We welcome the feedback, ideas and participation of the neighbors and the supporting community.

Westwood Civic Association Board of Directors as of 7/1/19


  • President:    Emily Dunstan
  • Vice Pres:    Rich Terrell
  • Secretary:    Emily LeVasseur
  • Treasurer:    Jack Heisler
  • Immediate Past President:  Maria Holperin Terrell

Board Members

  • Jensey Ancarrow
  • Dale Davis
  • Sam Gage
  • Jolyn Johnson-Smith
  • David Knight
  • Chip Loving
  • Siyano Prach
  • Rick Sayed
  • Carrie Suders

Our new Neighborhood Watch Co-Chairs are Emily LeVasseur and Maria Holperin Terrell.

If you have information you would like to submit to WCA please submit via Contact Us