A Brief History of Westwood Over the Years

The Westwood Golf Club bought the land from Libbie to Horsepen, Broad to Monument as an 18-hole course in 1927. History: Westwood Golf Club (1926)
In the mid-1930’s, the Westwood Supper Club was formed and the original Westwood Club building constructed (6200 West Club Lane, white columns).  This Club lasted from 1936 to 1950.
1946 to 1954
Military veterans formed the Officers Club of Virginia and ran the Club to 1967.The golf course was sold off for home construction during this time. The Westwood Community as we know it was born in 1946-1954.
The Westwood Racquet Club was formed and allowed non-military to join. Later in the 1970’s, the name was changed to The Westwood Club.

Westwood in Recent News

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