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PER COMMUNITY OFFICER, RICHARD MALLORY: Wild animals are indigenous to the area and an Animal Protection Officer will not pick it up because it is in the area.  If the animal is showing signs of distress from an injury or acting abnormally then it might be picked up. If a wild animal of any kind is observed in the area the best advice is to leave it alone and let it move on.  Animals will look for one of four things on a regular basis.

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Shelter
  4. Mating (seasonal)

This time of year many animals are looking for food or shelter.  Do not leave food out for them.  This would include pet food and trash.  In my neighborhood we have many wild animals as well and they don’t cause problems unless encouraged to stay because easy food sources are available.

From WCA: Please do not approach, touch or feed these animals (FOXES AND COYOTES HAVE BEEN SPOTTED NEAR THE PLAYGROUND REGULARLY IN RECENT WEEKS) and keep your distance at least three meters away from them.

These animals, however, are susceptible to contracting rabies. If you see an animal growling at you, foaming at the mouth, or with open sores on their skins, vacate the area
immediately and call 911 (reporting the animal as potentially rabid to get prompt action).

Here are some pictures from Thursday (10th October) afternoon.




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