Neighborhood Watch

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Lock Your Car, Your Shed and Your House Doors and Windows.

Call Henrico County Police Non-Emergency number #501-5000 if you see something suspicious.


  • If you witness a crime or see a suspicious situation, call #501-5000 for non- person events and #911 for person crimes; please do not be afraid to call the Henrico County Police for they are trained to help you prevent or investigate criminal activity.
  • To access Crime Prevention and Personal Safety information and other Henrico County Police Division (HCPD) Community Services programs, see
  • To access crime alerts directly from HCPD, see
  • To access additional crime-related information directly from HCPD, see
  • For a free home security assessment by HCPD Community Officer Bob Augustine, contact Bob at


  • Personal safety is common sense: if you feel uncomfortable in a situation, you are probably in danger; watch those around you; watch your surroundings; listen to your inner alert system.
  • Avoid carrying your purse or attachĂ© case in a way someone could grab it.
  • Avoid placing presents or valuables in your vehicle in such a way someone could surveil them for possible thievery.
  • Please lock your vehicle, even when you are in it; 85% (or more) of all Larcenies From Automobiles (LFA) in Henrico County are from unlocked vehicles; you can prevent auto theft and LFA.
  • When you are home alone, keep your doors locked; do not open your doors for someone you do not know or cannot identify themselves; again, you can prevent a home invasion by not allowing the perpetrator inside your home.
  • Although it is a good habit to back your vehicle into your driveway so you are facing forward when entering the street, it is an excellent idea to back into a shopping center parking lot so you can see more clearly when pulling out as you leave.
  • With more students on the road during the Holidays Season, traffic becomes more problematic; be patient and remember that younger people are by their nature impatient and careless; go shopping or banking during the in-between hours (9:00-11:00 a.m. or 2:00-4:00 p.m.).
  • Be more watchful on the roads of Westwood during the Holidays Season as more people and youth are in the Park and on the roadways; if you walk or jog in Westwood, please stay on the left side of the pavement facing traffic and near the edge of the pavement; if you bicycle, please obey the same rules of the road as vehicles.
  • The Westwood Park is a County facility; no vehicles of any kind are allowed in the Park; domesticated animals are supposed to be on a lease at all times in the Park; the hours for the Park are Sunrise to Sunset.