Keep Your Lights on to Keep Westwood Safe

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Hello Westwood neighbors,

In last year’s WCA livability survey and focus groups, many residents requested street lights or additional lighting to enhance neighborhood safety. Our community’s security, especially after dark, is a prime concern for everyone. In the absence of street lights in Westwood, we can all contribute to the safety and security of the neighborhood by keeping our exterior lights and lamp posts (where applicable) on overnight.

Operation Night Light is being conducted in cooperation with Henrico County Police. According to Richard Mallory, Westwood’s Community Police Officer, “Operation Night Light encourages neighbors to watch for crime, but you can’t watch if it’s too dark to see. You can keep criminals away by turning on your outside lights at night. Lighting is a major deterrent to crime during the hours of darkness.”

Keeping exterior lights on will also help pedestrians walking through Westwood and provide better visibility for drivers. Motion-detector lights are an effective crime deterrent, but of little use to pedestrians and drivers in the neighborhood.

Cost-effective dawn-to-dusk bulbs have proven useful for some of your Westwood neighbors. If you’re interested in an example, click here for a link to one type of bulb available on Amazon.

If you’re already keeping your exterior lights on after dark, thank you! If not, I hope you’ll consider participating in Operation Night Light to help keep our Westwood neighborhood safe!

Maria Holperin Terrell
Westwood Civic Association

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