Traffic Safety Advisory

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Increased traffic in the Westwood Community has brought with it more traffic incidents, and more concerns for pedestrian, bicyclist, and auto safety.

The following are suggestions from the Westwood Traffic Sub-Committee for increasing safety and awareness in our community:

To deter speeding of cars and trucks, bullying of pedestrians, cyclists, and other cars by drivers:

  • Keep a pad and pen with you whenever you are out and record the offending automobile’s make and license number, and the date, time, location and nature of the incident


  • Take a cell phone photo of the offending auto, making sure to include the license plate, date, time, location and nature of the incident


Report the above to our Westwood Community Police Office, Bob Augustine, of the Henrico County Police Department, at or 804-833-6474. The more incidents are reported the more a priority our traffic issues will become.

Other helpful suggestions:

  • Pedestrians should walk on the left side of our roadways facing traffic
  • Watch for vehicles traveling towards you at unsafe speeds/driving erratically
  • Consider wearing reflective clothing while walking/biking to increase your visibility
  • Refrain from walking on Bremo Road as it has inadequate shouldering and is deemed unsafe
  • Observe the 25 mph speed limit when driving in Westwood and refrain from using digital devices or other distractions
  • Carry your cell phone whenever you are out and about

Illegal Parking of Items, including vehicles with no or expired registrations, recreational vehicles, boats and trailers, commercial truck tractors and/or trailers, P.O.D.s, and other movable and immovable items parked in a front yard, driveway, at the curb in front of a house, or on the street. Reference Henrico County Code Chapter XXIV, Article V. – R-0, R-1, R-1A, R-2, R-3, R-3A, R-4, and R-4A ONE-FAMILY RESIDENCE DISTRICTS; USES Sec. 24-11. – Principal uses permitted. This is available through the Henrico County website:

These, along with vehicles parked too close to a driveway, curb, etc., should also be reported to Officer Bob Augustine of the Henrico County Police Department at or 804-833-6474.

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